At Siena's Sweet Treats all our products are freshly homemade without egg, dairy or gluten, so if you are having to eliminate these ingredients from your diet or are simply choosing a healthier option we have a range of perfect products for you.

From pancakes, scones and new egg free MERINGUES to celebration cakes, all our products are home baked with care and allergy aware for the most sensitive of souls



Sue...."the Victoria sponge cake I recently ordered for my gluten intolerant Mom was "OUTSTANDING" thought it was "out of this world"! Thanks SST


Helen ordered dairy free christening cake for her daughter...."tasted scrumptious and everyone was very impressed that a free from cake could be that good.....will definitely recommend! 


Chris.....ordered gluten free Victoria sponge for family member......"everyone loved the went down a treat.....will be placing another order today for gluten free coffee & walnut....


Rashmi ordered a selection of egg free pancakes, chocolate cup cakes and large cakes for her daughter who loved the cakes and thank you to SST For helping her enjoy such lovely treats with everyone else! 

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