Siena was born a healthy baby in 2007.  After about 6 weeks she started to develop ezcema, first on her cheeks but soon spreading across her body.  I took Siena to our GP, who prescribed countless creams and moisturisers to help but unfortunately they only relieved the symptoms for a few days and I was soon back at the GP wanting more to be done. I then sought the help of Caroline Sproule, a nutritionist at Bromsgrove Allergy & Nutrionist Centre.   


Caroline was able to confirm that Siena had a possible milk allergy, but treated her to begin with for a casein and lactose intolerance and other food intolerances and Caroline gave Siena a special diet to eliminate dairy foods. Following Caroline's advice, Siena's ezcema soon cleared up. Since following Caroline's recommendations Siena is now ezcema free, and Caroline subsequently found out that Siena actually has allergies to dairy products and egg. The allergies are so severe that if she even comes into contact with these foods or somebody that has eaten these foods, she develops hives and her face swells up dramatically.  


Although relieved that we finally had a cause for Siena’s symptoms, this in itself presented new problems as my daughter invariably had to miss out at parties and playdates where she was unable to come into contact with any cakes containing the allergens, much less taste them. Like any parent, I did not want my daughter to miss out, yet the range of solutions on the supermarket shelves were rather underwhelming. So, we began baking beautifully decorated dairy, egg and gluten free treats that Siena could take with her to such events. Before long Siena’s friends would ask for their own gluten, dairy and egg free treats as they looked and tasted so good, and our business has grown organically from there.


As a mother of an allergy sufferer, I am passionate about raising awareness of food allergies, and hope that these homemade products can provide a solution for people across the UK who have been forced to opt out of trying tasty treats over the years. Named after my daughter, Siena’s Sweet Treats has been providing families and businesses with gluten, dairy and egg free cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, muffins and much more on a regular basis nationwide.


Victoria xx

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